Shakti Ma


“It’s not just about knowing in the head,” says Master Maha Vajra. For example, when you train at the Gym, you do physical training. You practice using the equipment (tools). You learn which muscle group is affected through which exercise. You can learn a lot of techniques, but just knowing will not give you the understanding of the experience. Only by doing the exercises can you realize the results of your efforts. If you do them only a few times, just to get the hang of it, it’s not going to train you. Training is about doing something over and over so that it goes inside and brings benefits more and more. You want to bring it inside, let it sink in, so that you grow progressively. MahaVajra
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Train Your Consciousness

It’s one thing to study and know in your head.  Real learning comes from experience.
Students in our program quickly gain expertise by actively engaging in the Shakti Ma Program. By practicing, you expand your perception, do more effective integration, learn the skills of manifestation, and increase your ability to live in Virtue.

You develop the consciousness to find the most efficient way to accomplish your goals.

After you charge the five elements of creation, you will start to receive initiations that increase your consciousness.
For example, one of the first initiations you receive is that of Bhaishajye Guru, the Blue Medicine Buddha.

You can read about this Spiritual Master and the Masters of the Shakti Ma at the link below.


TRANSMIGRATION - One of the first skills that you learn is called Transmigration. Practicing this skill enables you to move your consciousness at will, increasing your ability to perceive clearly and cause a positive transformation.

MAHAANANDA REIKIEach student in our program also receives initiations to Mahaananda Reiki. It differs from traditional Reiki in several ways. Mahaananda Reiki helps you learn how to positively affect the human planes of consciousness—body, energy, emotion and mind—by using mantras and the skill of Transmigration.


Another important Technique you learn is Kuji-In. It addresses the concept of Self. Kuji-In supports the opening of the chakras, energy centers in the body, increasing your sensitivity to energy. Augmenting energy is important, but discovering yourself is equally important on this journey.




The techniques you will use to work with energy include: Breathing exercises, Visualizations, Mantras (chants/prayers), Mudras (hand positions). 

These exercises help you connect with your Higher Self.

Maha states, “Mudra, mantra and visualization are three simple tools that can enhance your spiritual experience. These tools affect the energies in your physical and spiritual body. When combined, they can greatly enhance your personal development.”

The Kuji-In books are an essential part of the learning process. They are meant to accompany you while you learn the technical part of Kuji-In, yet they don’t replace actual practice. Only through real time spent doing the practice will you discover how powerful a tool it is. 


Master MahaVajra did a Kuji-In set in a seminar, and we could feel the power waves everywhere around. It was so cool. Some of us transcended in the moments that followed, even while he was speaking. The consciousness was very high.

To learn more about Kuji-In, contact one of our teachers, download a copy of The Maha Technique, or order a Kuji-In book from our SHOP.

Yu Bo In

When you finish the Shakti Ma Progression of Skills, you become eligible to receive the initiation to the Yu Bo In.
Yu Bo In is a Japanese expression. YU means heal; BO means mother; and IN refers to a seal, something that secures everything in place.

Using this Technique facilities transformation through the application of numerous states of being that you have learned during your study with Shakti Ma. It is a very efficient tool for successful Technical transformation.  The Yu Bo In is a ritual to help you discover who you are.




Mantras and prayers from various traditions are used. These elevate energy, enhancing your natural abilities. You build a high level of energy through practicing various states of being. Sustained practice builds your personal energy body, or vital body. The more you practice, the more competent you become.

For example, if you are experiencing a conflict in your life, you can use the Peace Mantra and Emotional Integration to help you resolve this internal conflict. As you become more peaceful, your life reflects this state of being. 

Here are a few examples of what you will learn:

The first mantras you learn how to use are called the Five Elements Mantras. They help you interact positively with nature. Each of these basic elements has a specific function. We use these mantras to affect the physical plane. 

The Five Introductory Mantras are used to bring various states of being such as Peace, Compassion, or to increase your energy. 

The Peaceful Soul Mantra helps you feel the love of your Soul so that you can develop a more positive state of being.

Kama Chakra is a process that purifies the center of desire but also augments energy for transformation.

A process called Atma Yoga shows you how to bring the power of your Soul into your life.

Through the Siddhis of Krishna, you learn how to contemplate many aspects of creation, expanding your perception.

Each mantra or prayer summons a specific energy or state of being. To see a complete list of our Program, see our Progression of Skills.


Exercises help you practice what you are learning. By practicing you build your strength and energy to accomplish your goals. Remember, to accomplish something you need to practice daily. Those of you who have any kind of goals know this to be true. If you want to win the marathon, you need to practice diligently to build your endurance. 

Maha says, “If you practice only a few times, just to get the hang of it, it’s not going to train you. Training is about doing something over and over so that it goes inside and brings benefits more and more."

The exercises provide guidance about discerning various states of being in a concrete way. For example, you learn to move your consciousness through a process called Transmigration. Emotional Integration and Observation are used to help you learn how to dissolve an emotion. Meditation and contemplation help you gain self-mastery over your ego.  During the Progression of Skills, students contemplate each the nine Siddhis of Krishna.

In this video Maha gives a seminar on the first Siddhi of Krishna where we learn about the Siddhi Meditation process which brings up an extraordinary amount of awareness and supernatural experiences.