On this page, you can find a teacher to help you with the techniques, mantras and prayers, and exercises of the Shakti Ma. You can write to us at info at shaktima.org or contact one of our teachers listed below, using their email address. Each teacher has received training from Master Maha Vajra and other Masters of the Mahajrya, and can help you progress toward your spiritual goals. 

According to your own means, please give a donation to the teacher when you receive teachings or initiation. It is important to acknowledge the teaching that you receive by giving a donation to your dedicated teacher. 

Our teachers guide you with techniques, mantras and prayers, and processes to enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

In this short video, one of our teachers shows how to start gaining control over our emotions and find freedom.  

Get started on deepening your spirituality today! Contact one of our teachers. 

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For your convenience  our Teachers are listed by country; most speak English.
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