The Shakti Ma is a school of consciousness dedicated to training in service and care of humanity.
This training consists mainly of mantras, meditation, transmigration of consciousness and emotional integration.
You can be of service to others and practice what you are learning by participating in missions.
The practical part of your training in Shakti Ma is done through missions. During a mission, the Shakti Ma community comes together in unity to perform different prayers, mantras or techniques from many different traditions in order to help a human being who is suffering. It’s not about saving another, but to facilitate learning that a complicated experience could bring.
The mission is a devotional service where transcending expectations about the outcome is ideal.

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What Does A Mission Do?

As part of this group of love and service, missions help strengthen and transform your inner life and accelerate your personal growth process. Participating in this group is voluntary, but because of the benefits associated with this service, we encourage your membership. Helping another brings personal satisfaction and insight. Each Mission helps the participant develop the Virtue of Charity, giving the other person what he/she needs.
In this short video, Ron Claiborne investigates if the presence of friends and family helps us heal. 

Who Can Receive A Mission?

For this self-less service, Shakti Ma members have priority to receive a mission; and then, Mahajrya members, and finally relatives or friends of the Mahajrya, as long as they practice some kind of spirituality. This is because the resources of all the members should be maximized, and the person who will receive the mission has to be open to this energy; otherwise, it would only be a waste of those resources. This is why there is a process of observation before we accept a mission.
The mission puts light onto the person. This intense light can cause the recipient of the mission to see what they don’t want to see, and sometimes that can be painful. For this reason, the person receiving the mission must be able to accomplish emotional integration or have a teacher who can help them, do some processes such as prayers, mantras and observation. It’s beneficial for some integration to occur prior to and after the mission. To learn emotional integration, contact one of our teachers.


Participating in a mission gives you the opportunity to observe in yourself what the other person is manifesting in your life.

~OmVagraMa ~ 

I received a mission about 2 years ago when I was very new to the Mahajrya and its teachings. My life was stressful and I didn't know where to turn. I do remember, to this day how "loved" and cared for I felt (from total strangers!). I also still think about how much hope I felt and how motivated I felt to delve deeper in my studies.

~ ShantiHrdaya ~ 

I find the Shakti Ma to be a great school. When someone asks for help (a mission) and we do it, that person receives a lot of energy and consciousness, which helps them to better deal with the situation they are encountering... also helps everyone doing it by integrating and facing experiences through another person. It’s because of the amount of growth they bring to everyone involved that I find missions to be a blessing.

What Skills Do You Need?

Each participant in this group charged the Five Elements Mantras, practiced Transmigration, and learned Emotional Integration. Members use the Five Elements Mantras to affect the physical plane. Other mantras and prayers are used to bring another state of being, depending on the condition that we want to influence. Transmigration enables us to feel what the other person is feeling. Using Emotional Integration transforms the energy, creating a positive effect.

To learn how to do a mission, contact one of our teachers.

Why Don't We Accept All Requests?

Before each mission, the persons responsible for the Shakti Ma observe this situation. Each case has unique circumstances that need to be considered. In the Shakti Ma, you learn how to observe at the level of the soul to determine whether or not a mission will help the person. Sometimes, the suffering that the person is experiencing is necessary for their evolution or for their family. It is what the soul must experience to learn. This is compassion.

Reach out a helping hand

If you want to join the Shakti Ma and participate in the Mission group, you can visit with one of our teachers, or write to info@shaktima.org. Students who want to help others can request a membership in this group. So, we encourage you to reach out a helping hand to help someone overcome a difficult challenge.

In this video, Healing with Love, Dr. Leonard Laskow a Stanford trained physician, explains the healing power of love which he studied for the past 33 years. He coined the term Holoenergetic Healing, by which he means healing with the energy of the "whole." Dr. Laskow found that it takes energy to maintain the appearance of separation and that as we bring ourselves into wholeness, the energy of separation is liberated. This energy can then be consciously directed to facilitate our body's healing response.