Learn with Shakti Ma

Are you happy?

In the Shakti Ma Program, you learn how to transform yourself into a happier, more satisfied person. Through the recommended activities, you develop the consciousness and skills you need to grow personally and spiritually.

You will learn how to use a variety of techniques. One of the first things you learn is how to be mindful.  For example, Emotional Integration is used to transform emotions using four states of being. Our teachers help you learn how to do this so you become free of human drama. 

In this video, Maha explains the 4 states of being necessary for mindfulness and teaches his method of Emotional Integration. He finishes the video with the Peace Mantra and brings an experience of the peace that comes after integration

Living in Virtue

Another thing you learn by engaging in our program is how to live in Virtue. Your perception will expand and you will become more efficient in integration and manifestation. Students who practice our program develop the ability to live in Virtue, and be less affected by the drama of the human condition.  The result of your efforts will be a feeling of satisfaction, peace and happiness in your life.

We are open-minded in Shakti Ma, so we use processes from many different traditions regardless of their spiritual origin. For example, both Jesus and Buddha were great spiritual and virtuous masters from different traditions, and they each taught what was needed to help people in their time. Jesus taught the Virtue of Charity and Forgiveness; Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Virtue of Compassion. You can read about the Spiritual Masters on our Masters Page. 

Methods of Transformation

There are many methods of transformation. The Shakti Ma has many different approaches. The Shakti Ma program combines theory and practice including Techniques, Mantras and Prayers, and Exercises. To help you learn how to accomplish yourself, you will learn from these three fields of skills during your personal growth process. In the Shakti Ma, students can choose to learn alone or together in many different settings with the sangha or spiritual community.


Help you learn the mechanics of the transformational process. Mahaananda Reiki and Kuji-In are two of the techniques taught in Shakti Ma. Another important tool you learn to use is called Transmigration, or how to move your consciousness. In this picture, students learn in a classroom setting with one of our Masters.

Mantras and Prayers

Elevate your energy, enhancing your natural abilities. Each mantra or prayer summons a specific energy or state of being. For example, each of the Five Elements Mantras helps us discover the building blocks of creation. In this picture, Maha enables students at his seminar learn about these forces of nature.


Help you practice and build spiritual strength. In this picture, members of the sangha prepare a meal following the seminar. Being with others facilitates personal and spiritual growth by creating opportunities to learn together, network and share insights. Intellectual information does not substitute for personal experience.

See a more complete description of these Techniques, Mantras and prayers, and Exercises on our Training Page.

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in learning with a group of people who are interested in personal and spiritual growth. You can attend a SEMINAR with Maha Vajra, watch YOUTUBE VIDEOS, or receive personal guidance from one of our TEACHERS.


"I attend classes seminars and boot camps to continue to expand my knowledge in new processes, deepen my understanding of other techniques; also, for the community growth and over all experience."


"I like to take classes because I value the devotion of teachers who share their experience; therefore, any process is easier when we are accompanied. I like going to seminars because I share unique experiences with the sangha. I appreciate the love that is lived and it is easier for me to get the wisdom."


"At seminars, I feel communion and a group feeling (sangha) in which everyone is willing to help each other. Whatever happens inside or outside you, there will always be someone to ask for help if needed. It's like finding the whole love in a small group of people. Even though this is still a single drop in an ocean, it's an enjoyable and lovable experience which I'm always grateful to have. "