On this page you will find some documents containing powerful tools that we use
in the Shakti Ma to assist you in your own self-realization. 
If you need assistance, please contact us below. 

The Maha Technique

The Maha Technique is available to help you learn a little more about Maha Vajra and his basic techniques. Maha says, “When you do not have the good tools, everything is hard, long and uncertain. When you have good tools, everything becomes easier, and results last longer, sometimes forever.” In this document, you will learn about Kuji-In and the 5 Elements of Creation. Both these tools help you feel better in your body, heart and mind.

Mahaananda Reiki

The goal of Mahaananda Reiki is to nurture the growth of very powerful Reiki practitioners—those who transform from the level of soul—by teaching both Reiki and processes for spiritual evolution embraced by the Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition. Reiki elevates our sensitivity to both the intangible and tangible nature of the world; and the training in consciousness embodies the spiritual power available to influence that nature. This document provides an explanation in English with a translation to French

Guide to Efficient Practices

Our Guide to Efficient Practice helps answer the question, “How much practice will I need to do to accomplish results?” Efficient practice includes 4-5 steps which are outlined in this document in English, with a translation to Spanish and French. As every athlete knows, efficient practice brings results.

How do I get started?

At the NOVICE LEVEL, students receive training and practice in the following:

--5 Elements of Creation

--Mahaananda Reiki Level I

--Bhaishajye Guru (the Blue Medicine Buddha)

--Transmigration, moving your consciousness

At the APPRENTICE LEVEL, you learn and practice 4 States of Being, other useful mantras for self-realization, and how to achieve happiness through breath and mental quietude. Your mastery over the human ego develops. 

Each step of the way is outlined in our Progression of Skills. Write to or to your teacher for a copy of our Progression. In this document, you can see the recommended steps to complete our program and accomplish yourself.

Serious students may apply to access our Member’s Section. In this private section, teachers and students can download documents which help them in their studies with Shakti Ma, teach and support other students, and find tools
to assist them in becoming self-realized.

Of course, our teachers are available to help you each step of the way.  To find a Teacher or request information, see our Teacher Page or use our Contact Page