About Us

Do you want to be Self-Realized?  The Shakti Ma is a Buddhist school of higher consciousness. In this school, you learn how to expand your consciousness, reveal your true Self, and become Self-Realized. We help you reach your spiritual goals by supporting your personal growth and transformation.

In our program, you learn how to reduce suffering so that you can live in joy and peace. One of the first things you will learn is how to be more mindful by using the Four States of Being.  As you use this technique, your pain and suffering in the mental, emotional and physical body decreases. By practicing, you grow in happiness and the consciousness to realize yourself. You learn how to conquer drama.

Here we offer the Video "CONQUERING DRAMA" which helps us
understand drama, its origin, and how to deal with it as an important part of emotional integration taught by MahaVajra. In this video, you come to understand more about the mechanics of life.

Transform your life

Our program is arranged in a sequence to offer you guidance about when to charge what mantra or process.
There is no obligation to follow this order; in our tradition, everyone is free.
If you choose to follow the recommended techniques, you will learn how to create some influence to affect things in a positive way;
creating a transformation in your life.

To help you accomplish your goals, you will learn a variety of Techniques, Mantras and Processes, and do Exercises.
Practices help you develop spiritual strength and virtue.
All of these activities are designed to help you increase your happiness and decrease your suffering.


Help you learn the mechanics of the transformational process.

Mantras and Prayers

Elevate energy and enhance your natural abilities.


Help you practice and build strength to accomplish yourself.

To enhance your learning, you can
Attend a SEMINAR 
Skype with a TEACHER 
Maha and his teachers give classes in many countries around the world.
We learn in many different environments.


I attend classes and seminars/bootcamps to seek the universal truth, to seek whatever is inside me that prevents me from seeing the whole as divine, including myself. I feel passion about evolution, about what gives birth to everything known or unknown. In some near future I hope to spread the wisdom, inspire virtue and love to whomever wants it or needs it.


In my first seminar with MahaVajra, I learned about the Ego Road Map. Knowing how this mechanic works completely changed my life and relationships for the better. By practicing, I was able to stop judging and projecting on others, forgive myself and grow happiness in my life
~ LakshmiYantra ~


Every Seminar or workshop I learn more about myself and how to create space for change. With each practice, and exercise I create peace and happiness in my life.  Every day I become more aware, conscious and loving. 
~ SukhiSarvAikya ~


Emotional integration is a great tool that has completely changed my life. I feel much more at peace with myself and any experience that I live. ..... a big thumbs up to you to transmit this precious wisdom in our country! That everyone finds his own path to the truth!
~ VajraTay ~