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Would you like to learn how to...
* Be happier
* More fully incarnate your soul
* Learn to move your consciousness
* Be of greater service to other people
* Become Self-Realized

The Shakti Ma is a school of higher consciousness. We can teach you how to reach your spiritual goals.

Learn With Shakti Ma

        Shakti Ma is a school of higher consciousness. In our program, you learn how to use many states of being to dissolve your suffering and increase happiness. 
         One Technique we use to decrease suffering is called Emotional Integration. It’s the cornerstone of our teachings. Enlightened Master Maha Vajra states that this important technique will lead you through every step of your spiritual evolution. (video)
          We have many teachers around the world to help you on your journey to Self-Realization.

Training with Shakti Ma

Our Progression of Skills includes Techniques, Mantras and Prayers, and Exercises. These skills are arranged in a suggested sequence so that each one enhances the next one, building your consciousness.  

Toh Mudra


Help you learn the mechanics of the transformational process. Mahaananda Reiki and Kuji-In are two techniques taught in Shakti Ma. This picture shows the Toh mudra. Another important tool you learn to use is called Transmigration.


Mantras and Prayers

Elevate energy using these to increase your natural abilities. Each mantra or prayer summons a specific energy or state of being. A mala or rosary is used to charge a prayer or mantra. You can find one in our Shop.  


Help you practice and build strength to accomplish yourself. Integration, contemplation and meditation help you learn how to master your ego. Another way to practice what you are learning is by participating in Missions. Mission is another word for prayer group. In this group, we use mantras and prayers from many different traditions.


The Shakti Ma teaches processes shared by Master Maha Vajra. The Five Elements Mantras (earth, fire, spirit, water and air) are one of the first Techniques you learn using a Mala. Watch Maha’s video about the Five Elements of Creation.