What is Shakti Ma?

The Shakti Ma cares for everyone by providing opportunities for sharing, learning and transformation. In this program, we develop the student’s ability to observe him/herself, and increase the speed and efficiency of the integration process so that pain and suffering decrease. It’s our goal to help each student find happiness and become Self-Realized.

One of the goals of the Shakti Ma is to reduce suffering so that we can live in peace and joy. To accomplish this, we teach many techniques and processes. The Shakti Ma uses a progression of skills to develop efficiency in transformation.

Our program combines the basic mantras and techniques taught by Master MahaVajra. These skills are arranged in a sequence to offer students a suggestion about when to charge what mantra or process. There is no obligation to follow this order; in our tradition, we are free. Students who practice the recommended techniques learn to create some influence to affect something in a positive way, to create a transformation.

Shakti Ma has two parts, a theoretical system and a way to practice what we learn by participating in missions. People who charged the basic Five Elements can become a candidate to participate in the missions. The five elements are the base of our work in the Shakti Ma. To learn more about missions, please see the section about Missions.


​Missions are how we practice what we learn in the Shakti Ma. The Shakti Ma teaches how to observe in the four natural planes (physical, vital, emotional and mental) and how to apply the mantras and wisdom to each situation....


In Shakti Ma, we remain open-minded to the fact that many methods and techniques will be taught, no matter the spiritual origin. For us, the concept of religion is by-passed because both Jesus and Buddha were great spiritual masters from different traditions. Our goal is to learn how to transform something, not to give importance about how we do it...


There are many methods of transformation. The Shakti Ma employs different approaches. We use three fields of skills during the Progression...


In addition to Shakti Ma materials, we also offer a number of other resources for continuing education and training on a number of different spiritual and personal  enlightenment subjects.... 

Mahajrya Buddhism

By eradicating false attachments to material goods, to relationships and to the value we give to our own identity we can remove the true roots of suffering. We can grasp and  understand the true nature of suffering, and finally free ourselves from it.

Here is a 50 minute course on the Five Elements Mantras, given by MahaVajra.

Get the pdf and mp3  from here 

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